iPhone X Sells Out in 9 Minutes but Polymirth.com still has Units

The 10th anniversary of the iPhone, dubbed iPhone X, is shipping out and en route to the lucky few who pre-ordered last week. iPhone X is scheduled to be officially released Friday, November 3rd.

On previous launches of the iPhone, Apple had nearly three times the availability on-hand. However, this is not the case for iPhone X. Due to the revolutionary design, the complexity of the new OLED screen, and limited supply—pre-orders were snapped up in minutes.

Hope is not entirely lost for the techno avant-garde; few official resellers and online retailers are holding onto iPhone X inventory—recently launched US-based Polymirth.com is just one of a handful globally.

Andrew Hajjar Co-Founder of Polymirth.com said:

“We are fortunate enough to have secured inventory for iPhone X which was not an easy task.  Following our successful pre-order launch, we only have a few hundred remaining units available,”

Polymirth.com opened its doors just two weeks ago; employing a strategy to launch with the year’s most demanded product seems to have paid off.

“Thanks to AddBloom.com, our digital agency for the MENA region, we were immediately able to build quality traffic which yielded hundreds of pre-orders and instantly surpassed our initial expectations for the GCC. We have reserved our remaining stock of just a few hundred units for establishing our reseller network globally. The rest of our supply is limited to orders of just 50 to 100 units of iPhone X and aimed at resellers and retailers in the GCC exclusively” states Hajjar.

e-commerce in the GCC continues to surge following the recent $650 Million acquisition of Souq.com by Amazon and is expected to outperform more traditional sectors in the region.

Ziad Nassar CEO – AddBloom Digital Agency added:

“It has been an exciting ten days to see orders in the thousands of dollars come in, hour after hour, for a new online retailer. The marketing decision employed by Polymirth.com to launch with just the iPhone X—which was predicted to sell out globally—was spot on. The client had all the right boxes ticked for a successful e-commerce campaign; free international shipping and buyer protections with secured credit card processing via PayPal.  Polymirth.com has now established itself as an e-commerce player for quality and exclusive U.S. inventory.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with their team in this region as they roll out the rest of Apple’s latest product line.”

Polymirth.com is now accepting applications from qualifying resellers and retailers for iPhone X at https://www.polymirth.com/global for orders of 50-100 units only.

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