John Oliver Sums Up Everything Thats Wrong About Ferguson

It’s been on the news, was trending for a while and caused enough outrage that even the Egyptian government called on the US to calm down and let protesters do their thing in peace. Yup, we’re talking about Ferguson, MO. Now all you’ve heard is probably how an African American got shot down by a police officer – seeming like yet another incident that seems to become common, making the news every few weeks. African Americans seem no longer safe in places where governmental police forces and law enforcement agents are using discriminating practices such as racial profiling and unjustified arrests.

Well, the issue is far more complex than you ever thought, and if a police officer not in his right mind scares the shit out of you, imagine what a police officer with military hardware on steroids might do. That’s what John Oliver brilliantly discusses in this insightful video!

Photo Credit: Ask Men