Jon Stewart Strikes Again: What’s Wrong With The Current Debate On Israel

The whole world is shaming and denouncing Israel  for its barbaric military action in Gaza, an offensive that so far claimed the lives of over 500 people, 75% of whom are civilians, and 20% of whom are children. Now any person in their right mind would by now expect international media to actually cover the tragedy in an objective manner and come to the conclusion that Israel is indeed engaged in gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Well, you’re wrong. Social media is one thing, and corporate media is another. This is no surprise since we’ve always knew that media is feeding us horse shit and advancing the interests of those willing to pay the most. Even when there is an attempt to expose Israel’s actions in Gaza, reporters are either asked to relocate to somewhere else, tweets and posts are removed, or sometimes journalists are simply terminated. Worst yet, throw some anti-semitism here and some jew hating coverage there and you get to shut up anyone who criticizes the ongoing Israeli operations in Gaza.

Jon Stewart as alway shows us what’s wrong with the current media coverage of the conflict, and what happens if you dare to speak up against Israel.

The last punch line is epic though:

“You know what, f*ck it,” Stewart said. “Why don’t we just talk about something lighter, like Ukraine?”

Credit: Comedy Central