K5 The Robocop Of The Future Is Already Here

You might have been mugged, your car might have been broken into or hell, you even stumbled upon someone spraying graffiti all over the store across the street. Call me crazy, but don’t you just wish there was some sort of Robocop or Superman who could be there, at that very moment, to make sure you’re safe, and of course teach those thugs a lesson or two, making them regret the day they stole a dollar from their granny’s purse…

Your praisers have been officially answered! For $3000 a month you can now have your own Robot patrol securing your house, your neighborhod or just rolling next to you for the whole day. The perks? Facial recognition, 360 degrees constant recording, infrared and night vision, car plate scanner and a police supplied criminals and offender’s database plugged in your personal robot so that you know who’s approaching you before they even make eye contact.

It may sound like Sci-Fi, but knightscope model K5, the world’s first autonomous data machine, is already being beta tested in several private campuses. Now it might not be equipped with an MP5 or a grenade launchers, but it surely does everything else that you’d want an escort or a police patrol to do. You can use it as a personal security companion or let it loose in your neighborhood. With the ability to auto-charge and with a unique technology that allows it to be autonomous, K5 hopes to slash crime rates by over 50% once deployed in an area.

Check out this preview where the K5 is unveiled at the Launch conference.

Photo Credit: Knightscope, Inc