How to Keep Your Company Secure? ISO27001 Is a Good Place to Start

With the increasing rise of cyber attacks and breaches across the world, one has to wonder why are our companies, applications and websites so vulnerable? Are we doing enough to protect user data and safeguard against the threats of cyber crime?
This is where security compliance standards come into play, especially ISO27001, an international standard tasked with helping companies adopt a set of protocols to enhance the security of their systems, data, and of the organization as a whole.

ISO27001 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing maintaining and continually improving an information security system (ISMS). It gives a good ground for building cyber security because it offers a catalogue of 133 security controls and offers the flexibility to apply only those controls that are needed. The security controls laid down in ISO27001 are not all related to IT, with some covering information security controls for several different business functions of an organization including the human resources.

The main idea behind ISO 27001 is to find out which incidents could occur and then find the most appropriate ways to avoid them, all while classifying them based on risk in order to prioritise the most critical ones.

The benefits of ISO27001 are numerous, and this list below is not exhaustive:

  • Gaining the client confidence: implementing an international standard like ISO27001, although not an obligation for companies, makes your clients and prospects feel safe and more confident in dealing with your organization
  • Good Reputation:  Being a company that is ISO27001 certified helps you build a good reputation in the market. Your name will be associated with safety in a world where everyone seems vulnerable.
  • New Clients: having the reputation of a company that puts security first is good for business
  • Improved regulatory compliance: Demonstrate to data regulators that your data protection, privacy and other IT governance processes are effective, robust and legally compliant.
  • Lowering the expenses: ISO 27001 will pay off by preventing losses and damages due to future incidents
  • Keep sensitive information safe & secure: Be confident that your sensitive data, intellectual property and business secrets are protected by effective and robust information security protocols that will keep prying eyes at bay. 

How to implement ISO27001 :

Now that you know the many benefits of being compliant with ISO 27001, you might ask, how do I get there? It’s no easy task, but the gist of it is that the implementation follows a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle

 PLAN  : 

  • Identify business objectives 
  • Obtain management support 
  • Select the proper scope of implementation 
  • Define a method of risk assessment 
  • Prepare an inventory of information assets to protect and rank assets according to risk classification based on risk assessment 

DO :

  • Manage the risk , create a risk treatment plan 
  • Set u policies and procedures  to control risks 
  • Allocate resources , and train the staff


  • Monitor the implementation of ISMS 
  • Prepare for the certification audit 


  • Conduct periodic reassessment audits
  • Continual improvement 
  • Corrective action 
  • Preventive action 

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