A New Millennium: Kickass Women Of The 21st Century

As I was growing up, I spent quite a chunk of my life amongst my aunts; beautiful, successful and empowered women who are all masters in their field, making them financially independent and sincerely confident about every aspect of their lives. Yet due to their academic and professional excellence, they all have something in common, something quite remarkable and, from a very analytical perspective, amusing – they are all single.

It’s really been spectacular seeing how some men nowadays can’t handle being with a woman who´s more successful, more powerful or more financially established than they are, but I don’t blame them. Seeing how today’s society has messed up the gender roles, setting the male gender on a higher pedestal than the female gender due to the inferior incorporated norms society has established, it comes as no surprise to see such mentality or perceptions prevail. I say screw society and the overconfident bros who can’t stand being with an established woman. You don’t like it? Move on.

Now some men would actually move on simply because we tend to like the feeling of being wanted and needed, nothing wrong with that. In contrast, the majority of all independent strong women tend to have an “ I don’t need a man” attitude, which is also considerably understandable due to “historical” male dominance – I’m guessing you’re seeing the correlation by now. Men want to “matter” and take on that decisive role while women don’t need a decisive man because they decide for themselves…and you wonder why the fertility rate is decreasing in Europe?

The fact is that we´re still living in a male dominant world, and disregarding the fact that women have the same rights as men and are able to pull off the same workload: the world is run by a system built on males mentality. I mean I get that women have a hard time working on constructions sites, but why is it so damn hard of succeeding in the fields of business or politics?

Lets throw on a little history class. If we scroll back a couple of hundred years, biologically speaking, women were pushed aside when it came down to decision making. I mean unless Xena actually existed back in the days, the guys were the ones chasing down wild animals to get some food on the table. This resulted in discussions about the next quest, the next move, the next village to build, the next empire to run, the next country to conquer, all by men – get it? It’s been a biological socio-political process ever since the beginning.

It’s very simple, for a woman to succeed and become independent and climb up the career ladder in male dominant areas like business or politics, they need to become men.  And as crazy as that may sound, a lot of women have actually managed to pull that off. Now ask me if we like it? Well clearly some men don’t like it, they’re still stuck on discussing what animal to hunt down, which I think are cultural issues, but as women undeniably become more independent in todays world, it’s one of the most desirable characteristics in a woman. There is honestly nothing more attractive and striking as an independent woman who can take care of herself and her business. A woman that can challenge her man by discussing hot topics and almost never backing down or help her man see things from a different perspective even though we might not always agree.

But lets not get carried away here. Due to the unfair treatment and perception that has been going on for decades between the two sexes, men haven’t excelled as much as women. There is nothing wrong with admitting that the way things have been set up, males are competing in a market where they are by default meant to be better than women, whether we are talking about getting that promotion or standing out from that huge pool of applicants. Even Warren Buffet said it “I am so successful because I had to only compete with half of the world”. Yes, only half of the world, because women who spend endless nights working hard and giving excellent results end up being called “bossy”, and the women who try to approach male executives to become their mentors end up being labeled “slutty”. Going through a pregnancy? Women have a hard time finding understandable managers who can accommodate the work schedule or work place to the needs of the female employee. Do men have to go through all of this?

Today is a time where the individualistic drive to succeed and crush the competition doesn’t cut it anymore. “Alone we go fast, Together we go far”. It is big time we help each other and care for each other. It is time to stand up for all those women who can’t speak out loud in a meeting, who can’t do their work because their boss is staring at their cleavage in a creepy way, who have to either chose to work or stay at home to take care of the family, who can’t ask for flexible schedules when they’re pregnant because the manager will look down on them, who can’t get a fair shot at an executive position because they happen to be perceived as inferior in a male dominated industry. It is time to end this bullshit and say enough is enough, because we all have to win from having a fair market place. You might want to be advantaged over other females when you’re competing for a job, but you won’t be as happy when the same happens to your wife, daughter or girlfriend.

This is not us trying to play Romeo, this is plain rational thinking. Women can, and are setting high standards across all sectors. From Sheryl Sandberg to Marissa Mayer, Meg Whitman or Indra Nooyi, there is no shortage of success stories and inspiring paths to glory led by stunning women. Now next time you ask a girl to go make you a sandwich in your condescending sexist tone, think again, because women are far more powerful and innovative than what your narrow macho mind can handle.

And for all the amazing women out there, we’d like to just take a second and say a big “thank you” for your amazing –and sometimes unrecognized- efforts. Starting from Gulf Elite, we’re blessed to have remarkable female writers without whom we would not be where we are today!

Makes me re-think all the sexist jokes men pull off – wait a couple of years, we might be the ones cooking in the kitchen.

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