Kirill Pryakhin: The Quintessential Modern Gentleman (Model Series)

He looks like a character straight out of “Madmen”, talks like Don Draper and carries himself like Harvey Specter. He is a salesman at heart, entrepreneur in the making and knows how to sweet talk clients all the way to the dotted line. His name? Pryakhin… Kirill Pryakhin.

Born in Russia, Astrakhan, Kirill moved to Dubai in 2004 to study. Upon graduation Kirill joined Les Roches International Hotel School to master the art of hospitality in Switzerland. Graduating with a hospitality management degree, he decided to take on the world, going back to where it all started for him.

Kirill’s interest in the hospitality sector is just one facet of his vibrant list of interests and passions. His other calling is Entrepreneurship, a field he’s been exploring and getting a hangs of in preparation for his big plans in the Russian hospitality market. What is he up to? Just wait and watch!

We couldn’t let Krill off without listening to his 2 cents on Dubai, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship:

It’s fascinating to be in UAE during this development phase of preparation for EXPO 2020. But what’s more fascinating is the transition that the world is going through in regards to the hospitality sector. I feel like we’ve progressed so far with delivering exceptional service to our guests. And it does not stop here, we’re always striving to go above and beyond. I guess that’s what it all sums up to for me. I think in regards to sales and entrepreneurship, it always starts with yourself. Always think long-term and always be kind. People don’t buy from businesses, people buy from people. Entrepreneurs know people and deliver on demand. People always say be yourself and as much as it’s cliche I agree with that. However always invest into yourself and your passions, you are the engine to your success.

Kirill is the personification of what a model salesman looks like: a sophisticated attention to detail, a killer look, a sharp mind, a deadly smile and a mouth that fires 200 words per second. From the onset, it looks like any client wouldn’t last more than 3 minutes before giving in!

Shoot (High Resolution Pictures On Request)

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Photo Credit: Nabeela Huda