How To Know Which Career Is The Right Fit?

Choosing a career or a job doesn’t mean that you have to apply for a job that holds the title of your degree.

Your interests, strengths, experience and willingness to take the time to map out what job fills out these categories is the ideal way to go about finding the right job that will make you happy and successful.

I don’t know what I want- Knowing what you want and what you are able to do are two good things to start with when you are trying to figure out what jobs you will be applying for. Make a list of what your strengths and weaknesses while keeping your degree in mind. If you have a business degree and you love to travel, then applying for a job as an HR specialist, a sales representative and public accountant or auditor are good choices.

Internships- Apply for an internship at a company you think you want to work for. Interning is the best way to figure if you like what you are doing and will give you future insight into what your future career might be. If you decide that this is not what you want to do for the next 3-4 years, than you can just add it as experience to your CV. The more experience you have, the better your CV will look.

I’m not confident about my skills- It’s normal to feel insecure about one’s skills, most individuals are, but that usually is due to low self esteem, which should be re-considered because you may be impeding your search for the ideal job. Have your skills evaluated by online tests or quizzes. If you feel that you want to update your skills or add new ones to your CV, apply for a course. Just remember to consider skills that you already have, including skills from your hobbies.

The economy isn’t very stable. I just need a job- Yes, the economy isn’t very stable, but that’s not an excuse to settle for the first job that you’re accepted into. Keep your options open and be patient because you may be accepted into company that will have a stable and long term position. A job with a promising future is important, but if you’re chose your job to just be financially secure, chances are you may end up being unhappy with your job. Remember the two rules to having a successful career; do what you love and love what you do.

 I’m still not sure…- If you’re still not sure about your skills or what career path or job compliments your strengths and skills, then try taking some online tests. Career tests are a great way to assess your skills, personality and preferences and offer sound career path advice. Understanding who you and what you enjoy doing is key to finding and making good career choices.

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