Learn From Kevin Hart How To Face Your Fears

It’s not like we needed another reason to love Kevin Hart even more, but Jimmy Fallon found a way to make the little man we all love be an even greater inspiration: by making him face his fears.

See, the role of pop stars, movie icons and celebrities is not to pretend and play a fake role on set, just to behave in a totally different way outside of the studio. Kevin Hart has been true to himself in the way he acts and the way he lives his life.

Everyone has fears, things we would die before attempting or doing. Whether its walking up to your crush,  skydiving or even public speaking, at some point we will have to take that leap of faith and beat all odds because life is too short to live afraid and stick to our little safe corner. Nothing great has been accomplished without taking risks, and our favorite “little” man is no exception.

In this video with Jimmy Fallon, Kevin mans up and shows to the world that, when he talks the talk, he damn well walks the walk. Enjoy at your own discretion!

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