Is Leonardo DiCaprio Enough To Get You To Pay Attention To Climate Change?

It just seems that actors these days are stepping up their game and getting out of fiction in order to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. After the splendid speech Emma Watson gave about gender equality, the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio joined in as well to talk about Climate Change.

While TV News like us to think that Climate Change is just another issue open for debate, questionable at best and irrelevant at worst, Leo tried to bring us back to reality. This is no inception, climate change is indeed a reality, and an ugly one. Oceans are acidifying, agricultural cycles are getting hit really bad and sea levels are about to be as high as Burj Khalifa for God sake!

We have to change the narrative about Climate Change, because if we don’t, we’re running the risk of screwing ourselves up for generations to come!

Watch Leo’s speech:

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter