Lifesaver: The Equil Smartpen That Puts All Your Physical Notes And Doodles Online

A lot of people nowadays scribble down their notes and “philosophical” thoughts on a touchpad or laptop, considering it’s, well, it’s the way we do things. Nevertheless, many still prefer doodling down their quotes or blueprints with an actual physical pen and a piece of paper (sound crazy, doesn’t it?). Now the tech industry has responded with a bunch of different gadgets that are targeted to combine the old-fashioned with the modern, everything from tablets oriented around using a stylus to “smartpens” which are able to record what you write, as you write it, saving us the common crime of snapping a photo every time we note down anything.

Enter Equil Smartpen 2, the latst bluetooth-connected high-tech pen which comes with a charging case and a tiny receiver unit that records everything you write. In relation with its mobil and desktop apps, you can scribble down  some notes, get a PDF-scan quality copy, convert what you wrote into plain text, and upload to Evernote in a matter of minutes – genius!

Though the Equil isn’t flawless, as the the transcription can insert a couple of typos here and there, as seen in the videos. But hey, if you’re the kind of guy who simply likes the old school way of life, noting everything down by hand, it’s comforting to know that there is a safe version looked down somewhere, not worrying about the easily lost papers.

Photo Credit: Equil Smart Pen