Vote Repulican: The Best Combination Of A Free Market And Minimal Taxes

The midterms are here and US americans will once again head to cast their votes in a national ceremony meant to showcase the power of democracy in practice. I’m not an american, nor am I a republican or a democrat. I am a believer in the free market, a fervent supporter of entrepreneurship and big skeptic of government, so that would put me somewhere along the republican spectrum by US political measures. If that’s the case, by all means.

Oh, did I mention I hate taxes as well? Guess that’s a flavor of TEA party leanings I had that I was unaware of. See, the Republicans in many respects are the epitome of what capitalism stands for, and while capitalism has its shortcomings, it is sure the best model we’ve come up with in millions of years of evolution. It’s great to look out for each other, to promote social programs, to impose oversight and regulation and to engineer a strong universal healthcare, but when these are promoted at the expense of letting businesses thrive and letting the market take its course, we’re creating a system where we’re neither this nor that. It’s a bipolar, schizophrenic model we’re feeding that fails to perform because we’re too afraid to stick with all its ramifications. The recession hit, we jump ship and decide to inject billions into the financial system. That’s not something to blame on the capitalistic model. That’s something to blame on our failure to uphold it till the end. Let the banks fail and let the system cleanse itself. It’s a matter of survival, and in the capitalistic model that’s the way you get rid of inefficiencies and weak performers.

Paying tax is a civic duty? Well, it seems that only those at the bottom of the echelon are paying taxes at the 30%+ rates while the wealthiest are leveraging trusts and tax evasion schemes to pay in the 10%+. Where is the socialist model you’re trying to promote?

Policies and legislations passed in congress and the senate are simply a horrible mutation that you can simply not associate with either a socialist model or a pure capitalistic model. It’s a mix and mash that aims to calm the public opinion and satisfy the average voter even when the results are nothing close to successful. At least with the republicans they go all out with their support for deregulated corporate structures and hate taxes as much as we all do. Are they the best in terms of execution? No! Are they the least harmful of both evils? Certainly. Republicans are not afraid of speaking their mind, however dumb whatever they say is. But they don’t promise social welfare to the whole nation when they know they can’t afford it. They promise to let the market decide, and leave the corporate world to do what it does best, and that’s what’s expected from legislators. Whether the market behaves in the best way is not to be determined or regulated by Washington, it’s to be let free to compete for people’s money. If they perform, they grow, if they suck, then their fate is ultimately bankruptcy. Well, what if they dupe people and sell them securities that are junk or investments that are deemed to fail? Then people ought to know better.

Don’t take on debt you can’t repay. Don’t act smart about stocks if you don’t know what you’re putting your money into. Don’t expect people to hold your hand and show you how to make money, that’s your responsibility. The more you give people the assurance that the government will be their protector and will guarantee their losses, the more we lose our preservation mechanisms and act like fools.

Everyone out there is out to make a living, to get into your pocket and to fool you into buying stuff you don’t need to brag about it with people you don’t like. We have a social pact with the government: we pay taxes, we receive protection. It turns out that protection does’t work that well, then why would you still fill your tax forms? For public goods? Roads? Electricity? Defense? How about you let that for the private sector?

A company that needs roads to transport its product so that it can sell it in local stores will find a way to get that road built, and will pass on that cost to you in the final price. A corporate world that needs a secure country to operate will pool together solutions to keep the nation safe and secure.

They try to convince you that the free market is evil, that it can’t get things to work without a daddy looking over everyone. Guess what? The tax you’re paying is no more than a yearly fee you wire to a large corporation called government, except it’s managed by people who will never be as smart and innovative as the guys making $34 Million in bonuses and compensations in Wall Street.

If the republicans are the closest thing we’ll get to a free-market-rules world, then I’m republican and would cast a vote for them if I could.

Photo Credit: Business Week