Apple Is Running Low On Time: LVMH to Rival Apple Watch

It was reported a while back that tech tycoon LVMH has plans to release their own smart watch, presumably under one of their subsidiary companies, that would rival Apple’s Apple Watch, which was released earlier to mixed reviews.

Apple is used to the spotlight regardless of the strong competitors often tying neck-and-neck for the crumbs. For example, the Android has been a worthy opponent to Apple’s very lucrative iPhone, with their Galaxy Note. Apple’s iPad is rivaled by none other than Windows, who have their own tablet with competitive features that Apple has yet to match. And now, it appears that they’ll have a viable candidate to run against them in a race against time.

Rida Mah of Great News Magazine speculated earlier this week:

“The Apple Watch has been notoriously unbalanced in sales, compared to their usual dominance in the market over other devices, such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Apple has refused to even announce the actual numbers of their sales, which is uncommon for the often boastful corporation.”

Mah’s point is compelling enough: If Apple isn’t experiencing a great return on this high-end luxury device, then why would any another company presume they could do better? It’s almost as if tech experts are now chanting, “If Apple can’t do it, nobody can!” And they might be right.

Mah also makes a valid point that the prices LVMH have projected are indicative of a more fuller device: “LVMH are actually considering charging more for their watch than Apple currently does, which might not bode well with consumers. However, it could mean the competitor is looking to offer a much more spectacular device than Apple’s already pricey product can offer.” What could the higher price suggest? Will the new device boast extra features? Will it be made of much more expensive material? All we can do at this point is speculate and wait. One thing that is for certain is that Apple might be even more hesitant to release their sales figures for the Apple Watch, something Mah reminds us hasn’t happened yet. Apple is typically excited to share their sales reports with the media and their stockholders, so the withheld information remains suspect. LVMH’s announcement is enough to keep Apple CEO Tim Cook sweating. If he takes another look at his watch, he might not only find that the battery is low, but that his time is almost up.