Make The Most Out Of Your Life: Uncovering The Currency Of Experiences

Experiences are the currency of reaching your dreams and attaining success. We are going to have a peek behind the scenes and uncover how you can guide yourself and succeed in the seemingly experience driven world.

Two kinds of experiences surround us in our daily life. First are the ones that we are not able to choose, which means you can’t do any cherry picking. For example, witnessing a random accident on the street or getting a call from an old friend. A degree of randomness makes it impossible for us to decide whether to embrace these situations or not because there just isn’t any time to think and ponder. We are not going to focus on these experiences as one can only choose a reaction.

Instead, we are going to focus on experiences ignited by action. From you. The fabric of our reality is the sum of all experiences and if many of them aren’t voluntary, then it’s important to deeply consider the nature of wilful experiences. Random experiences might every now and then help to secure your goals, but premeditated experiential life is arguably one of the keys to unzipping success in your endeavours. Now let’s go over some practical ways of relating to your voluntary experiences in order to sustain your goal achievement.

Focus on people with compatible experiences

Meditate on the relevant life experiences of the people who are doing the things right now that you would love to do one day. Finding the relevant experiences can sometimes be tricky because if you ask from the people themselves, they might haven’t been reflecting on their life to the scope of having appropriate answers to you. Asking from the people surrounding them might actually uncover some opinions muddled by different psychological attribution errors. Hence, the task isn’t an easy one, but having a sharp focus and a critical mindset will definitely allow you to reel in some critical insights on the important experiences leading to the current reality of your role models. If you think you have found the jackpot experiences, try to incorporate these into your life and see what happens. Surely, hitting the right buttons help reach your goals faster. For example, being a voluntary assistant at a fine laboratory might have helped a leading chemistry expert to kick start her career. By attaining the experiences at the lab, she gained much needed insights, courage and confidence.

Be critical of the outcomes

Track the outcomes of different experiences and find patterns behind the decisions that led to successful experiences. Of course, this is all very subjective, but you have to trust your gut feeling. For example, your goal is to sail around the world. You choose to have a sailing course, an app for learning sailing and to hang out in the marina helping sailors out with different duties. After some time, you can critically evaluate which of these choices leading to gained experience is doing the best. Getting a variety of different experiences bridges a gap between an educated guess and an analytical conclusion.

Learn to ‘ditch & mix’

Once you have come to terms with the perceived benefits of different experiences, a wide gate of opportunity has opened to ‘ditch & mix’. Some of the experiences that have been uniformly unproductive should be ditched. Yet, some seemingly mundane experiences might embody useful gems that should never be ditched. You can mix and mash these qualities into the reality of truly profitable experiences. Let’s say hanging out at the marina wasn’t particularly fulfilling and the app didn’t deliver the promises made in the its description. That said, there was a unique feature on the app that helped you understand wind charts many times faster compared to your peers at the sailing course. And the course was spot on! Therefore, you can ditch messing around with other functions of the app, but stick around using the wind chart utilities while finishing the sailing course. Ditching the marina opens up a lot of unused time to discover and embrace new possible experiences. And so the cycle continues.

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