DHD Beauty: How Following One’s Passion Led Twin Sisters To Success

Two sisters with a background in sciences and a passion for Make Up walk into a room… This is not the start of a joke, it’s the crazy story of how a successful Make Up service specialising in bridal beauty in the UAE saw light. Bringing together two forces of nature who complement each other better than oreo and milk, the idea of launching a Make Up service after spotting a gap in the market went from a simple chat over morning coffee to become a full fledged business the twin sisters are running like pros.

In Dal’s own words:

We are twin sisters, born and raised in the UK to Egyptian parents. We come from a family of the hard sciences, and science has always been a passion for us both. As a result I studied Astrophysics and Dee studied Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. We have both always loved hair and make-up and throughout school and university were known for getting our friends ready for parties and events! We graduated in 2004 and moved out to the UAE to explore opportunities outside of the UK. We both started in marketing and events roles and gained valuable real life business experience as a result. But we were both still searching for something we could really get excited about. I got married in 2012 and we searched desperately for hair and make-up artists in the region for my wedding. We struggled to find someone who listened to what we wanted and translated our look request into reality. We ended up doing the hair and make-up for my own wedding party and it really made us wonder if there was a market out there for what we had to offer. We got some professional training to make sure that our techniques and understanding were up to par, and launched DHD Beauty, a full turn-key hair and make-up solution for brides in the UAE.

Since their launch in 2012, the response has been overwhelming. It turns out there really was a niche in the market for a professional hair and make-up duo! The sisters has since started make-up video tutorials and a blog with tips, tricks and industry insights.


Check DHD Beauty at www.dhdbeauty.com 

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Photo Credit: www.dhdbeauty.com