Manageo Awarded VUL9 Security Label After Meeting Thorough Security Standards

Manageo, the leading CRM and ERP solutions provider in Morocco, has accomplished the newly established VUL9 security label following a comprehensive security audit of its platform and its success in implementing all the security recommendations issued by the cybersecurity partner.

Manageo has proven to be an industry leader when it comes to the integrity of its platform and the security of its user data, investing significantly in offering their users and clients the best security measures in the industry. It is worth mentioning that at a times when major cyber attacks and data breaches are an everyday news, more companies are expected to significantly improve, if not revamp entirely, their security protocols and incident response strategies.

Manageo has welcomed at the beginning of 2017 a new cybersecurity partner, namely VUL9 Security Solutions, in a push to improve the offering the company avails to its clients, and in a pre-emptive attempt to fully secure the product from upcoming cyber breaches.

Commenting on the newly established security label and its recipient, Manageo, VUL9 stated:

“We are delighted to have worked with a team as professional as the staff at Manageo, and their commitment to make the security audit a success and their prompt implementation of all our security recommendations is a testament to the commitment the team has towards their users and towards the success of their platform. The VUL9 security label is meant to establish new cutting edge industry standards that are not static and generic, but dynamic and responsive to the emerging threat landscape across the cyberspace”

In response to the news, Yousef Lemrini, founder and CEO at Manageo, stated:

“The safety and confidentiality of our customers data is our priority. We want to respect the best practices when designing and developing new modules. To have our platform audited by an external team of cyber security experts allows us to secure our solution more and to face the risks of piracy. We were delighted to be working with VUL9, a team of talented young people who find faults in the biggest sites in the world. We have been reassured by their audit and their recommendations have enabled us to strengthen the security of our information system.”

You can learn more about Manageo by visiting their website https://www.manageo.ma

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