Microsoft Announces The “Holy Grail”

It takes visionary leadership to maneuver an enterprise out of a rutting moment to the center stage. Microsoft has been stuck in a near destructive cycle for a while when it comes to its Windows 8 and Windows Phone. And they have come up with an interesting strategy that has caught the developer’s world in a buzz. App developers like to develop apps for devices that already have a sizable user base, and in turn, people buy devices for the apps. Microsoft, having a lower user base for their devices than their main competitors such as iOS and Android, has been experiencing a slow but sure decrease in their user base and this deters app developers for Windows.

During the recent developer’s conference, Microsoft announced an all-encompassing strategy to enhance it’s accessibility to app developers as well as users. The plan, known as the “Holy Grail” of app development, is to enable developers to write the app once and have it able to run on all operating systems; Windows devices, Xbox, Android, and iOS. The strategy includes a lot of major updates to the company’s existing development software, new software, and upgraded features to Azure, it’s app hosting cloud. To top it off, the company has made sure that most of the updates and new features by the “Holy Grail” will be available to app developers for free. Talk about understanding the fact that everyone loves some free stuff!

This move by Microsoft might just be signalling the beginning of a consolidation of resources by enterprises of the same calibre. In realising that they might be getting the short end of the stick, it is undeniable that the company is headed in the right direction by harnessing all the potential developers by giving them accessibility and the freedom to go code operating systems. This is an example of how adversity can breed the best of innovations and developments. Whether it is one person or a a huge software giant, it clear that it is not until you realise that you cannot stand alone in this dynamic world that you may begin to access the potential around you for mutual gains.

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