Microsoft Tries To Bring You Closer To Iron Man With HoloLens

Google promised us that we’ll all be feeling like Iron Man with their revolutionary Google glass, but as we all later on experienced, all we got closer to was looking like a creep and getting our ears burned up because of the overheating batteries. But hey, don’t throw the towel just yet, because Microsoft is here to save the day!

Microsoft unveiled their new gadget at their windows 10 event, along with their flagship Windows 10 Free upgrade. The HoloLens  is a holographic headset that will bring augmented reality closer to consumers. This might sound like an Oculus Rift, the difference is though, you have transparent lenses so you can see what’s going on around you while still interacting with holograms and digital content and data through your headset.

As TechCrunch puts it, “Microsoft’s effort seems to combine the best of Glass (real image) with the best of Sulon (advanced digital 3D graphics) for a more convincing holographic experience.”

Check their promo here:

Photo Credit: TechCrunch