Microsoft’s New Siri Rival: Cortana

When Apple first revealed iPhone’s personal secretary, Siri, we all went crazy, due to its fresh and “up-to-date” technology and capabilities. We  could now message, schedule our meetings and place phone-calls  – all through voice commands. But the fun didn’t really stop there as the majority of our generation has used Siri in ways I can’t precisely describe. Talking dirty to her just to see how she would react, asking her questions we’re too ashamed to Google and even making her call us sexy names just to boost our egos – we are doing it all. But even though Siri’s innovational technology was amazing, something was not quite right. It was her objective and “robot-like” characteristics that made her  feel too plastic, made iPhone’s innovational technology look, not that “innovative” anymore – especially when Microsoft revealed their soon to be Siri rival.

Her name is Cortana. Now the name might ring a bell as the name originates from Microsoft’s success game, Halo, where Cortana is an artificial intelligence that goes wrong. Granted, this artificial intelligence has gone far from wrong, presenting  us with a modified, polished and slightly more intelligent woman. Cortana’s mind-blowing intelligence originates from Bings accessible Tellmo’s natural language processing, which Microsoft bought in 2007. As Microsoft analyzed and evaluated iPhone’s Siri, they have come up with spectacular improvements. She is programmed to learn and store pretty much everything that you think is important, be it silencing your phone during your “quiet times”, warning you about your delayed flight or even reminding you about your friend’s birthday party at 19:00 – it can do it all.

But is it really better than iPhone Siri or Google’s Now? Well their promises surely state that, as they intend to combine the best of Siri and Google Now, taking everything one step further, improving the originality and interactiveness of this user-friendly engineered genius. With that being said, this “application” won’t just answer your questions, it’ll understand you, note down your patterns of interactiveness and will be aware of your routine and behaviors.

Unfortunately, everybody living outside of the US will have access to Microsoft’s new innovation in 2015, as they are currently working on the Microsoft beta version.

Photo Credit: AP

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