Miss Finland Bluffs Her Way Into $1.3 Million In Poker (Video)

Just when you think Miss Finland 2012, the originally Moroccan beauty pageant Sara Chafak, couldn’t get any better, she pulls a major Bluff during a Shark Cage poker game and snatches $1.3 Million in chips! Sara, with a crappy set of cards but a very determined mind, bluffed everyone sitting on the table by raising the stakes and leaving only one guy standing. After few raises and Sara seeming all the more confident in front of everyone, the last player stood down and folded, leaving Miss Finland with a hefty jackpot of $1.3 Million.

The former Miss Finland is no pro at poker, but the guy she bluffed is the professional poker player Ronnie Bardah who has an amazing track record of wins at the table. This shows that you don’t need to be the best at what you do, as long as you look confident enough.

Check the vide for yourself!

Photo Credit: Missosology