Morocco To Host CGI Middle East And Africa

Morocco will be hosting the first iteration of the Clinton Global Initiative Middle East and Africa announced Hillary Clinton during CGI 2014 Annual meeting. This is a great news knowing the prestige and acclaim CGI has been garnering for years now, hosting the world’s most senior leading figures and icons, and bringing on stage everyone from Bill Gates to Barack Obama.

The CGI aims to bring together world leaders in order to come up with innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. Attendees are encouraged to make public commitments to a certain cause, and over the course of its existence CGI Annual meetings have managed to stack up billions of dollars worth of commitments across the world.

Morocco, besides being known for its gorgeous wether, stunning landscapes and hosting celebrities in Marrakech – latest being George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin for their honeymoon -, is increasingly celebrated as a powerful cultural and economic hub, so the decision comes as no surprise given the focus on the African continent and the Middle East as a fertile platform for opportunities and challenges alike.

“These are regions in the midst of dramatic changes. Yes, they have daunting challenges, but also significant opportunities; and we’re looking forward to holding this meeting in Morocco, which is such a vital hub for economic and cultural exchange.” – Hillary Clinton

The meeting is scheduled for Spring 2015, and the list of attendees is yet to be released, but one thing is for sure, the event will host an A-list of presidents, CEOs and public figures from Africa and the Middle East.

Photo credit: Zimbio