National Boss Day: 10 Signs Your Boss Is The Ultimate As*hole

It’s National Boss Day people! A beloved celebration in the US which takes place on October 16 every year. A day which allows employees to show affection and appreciation for their manager’s humble leadership. Though on the other hand, if your boss was an as*hole, then you probably have very little to thank them for this year.

Let’s face it, when you’re working a 9-to-5 job, heading to the office five times a week with none to very little time off – terrible bosses don’t just impact the way you perform at the office – it affects your whole freaking life! Assistant professor of management at Utah State University and co-author of a study conducted by Baylor University, Merideth Ferguson, calls this the “spillover effect,” – explaining that your professional life will undeniably affect your marriage, sleep or any other aspect of your non-work life. But the fun doesn’t stop there; an amazing 19.2 hours are wasted each week worrying and thinking about what your boss might say or do – mind-blowing – literally!

According to Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert in the US; “A bad boss will likely jeopardize your career growth and impact your personal life,” she explains. “A good manager will help you thrive and bring out the best in you. While it’s rarely top of mind, you can empower yourself with a terrible boss, especially if you watch for red flags.”

So, 10 signs your boss is the ultimate jerk:

1. No matter what, your boss is never wrong – never!


2. Your beloved boss expects you to aspire to be exactly like them.


3. They have the audacity to call you on weekends.


4. They really don’t give a sh*t about what you think.


5. Your boss might be slightly passive aggressive or ignorant.


6. You’re not really given a chance to grow.


7. You have a much harder time waking up in the morning (which is fair considering what you’ll be waking up to).


8. Your work just never seems to be enough.


9.  They think that they are so much better than you.


10. He or she is truly an as*hole!

Picture Credit: USA Networks