The New Armored $1 Million Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Is Out!

By this time we’re used to Mercedes bringing only the best to the market, but the Germans always finds ways to get us all excited every time they release a new beast. This time the German auto-maker is pulling out the big guns with its newest luxury limo, the 21.3-feet Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman, but it’s not for everyone. The luxury car comes at a hefty price: $1 Million!

The car is mostly aimed at dignitaries, royals, heads of states, and of course the entertainment industry moguls who would do anything to roll out to the club in this Van Gogh on wheels. (Think Kanye)

Bloomberg, who had a first look at the car, wrote that “Mercedes is bringing back the Maybach brand to make a million-dollar stretch sedan. High-end options include full armor and noise-blocking, bullet-proof windows”.

Check this Bloomberg video covering the unveiling of the new Pullman at the Geneva Motor Show

Photo Credit: Photograph by Fabrice Coffrini — AFP/Getty Images

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