New Era: Skype Launches Skype Qik, A New Video Messaging App For The Mobile-First Era

Skype has truly revolutionized the way we communicate ever since it was brought to life 11 years ago. Today, Skype is developing a Qiker version of their technology, a new video messaging app called, Skype Qik. What Skype has done here is that it has re-imagined how the Skype experience would look like if it was built for smartphones first.

The concept revolves around asynchronous video messaging, in contrast to their live video calls and instant messages, establishing an offline mode where you would be able to send mobile video messages and share it with others when they’re not online at the same time as you.

The name Qik comes from the $150 million acquisition that Skype confirmed back in 2011, of a mobil video startup. Back then, Qik was working on live video streaming, an entirely different path than what Skype had in mind, taking it closer to a video/voicemail experience.

Skype for the Smartphone Era


“Skype for more than a decade now has been about bringing people together when they’re apart, and keeping people connected is still our mission,” explains Dan Chastney, Principle Program Manger Lead at Skype. “But we’ve seen three major trends that ultimately led us to thinking about doing something new.”

There has been an overall shift from desktop to mobile which Skype has now embraced. In fact, Chastney noted that more than 50% of Skype’s new users are mobile, and even more people are connecting through mobile rather than through their desktop on a daily basis. You see, an explosion of communication options has erupted thanks to smartphones, making “scheduling calls” less available than before due to the more fluid and more spontaneous way of communicating. Adapting to such changes is crucial to maintaining a constant upwards spiral of innovation and success, which Skype has now realized.

Skype Qik therefore aims to address this niche medium of communication, something that has been underserved by Skype for a while. So by offering something “Qiker,” Skype is able to tackle the world’s shifting communication methods.

The Microsoft owned application is currently available for iOS, Android and Windows phone, which is truly a breakthrough for the corporate giant, considering it missed out on the blossoming mobile trends for a while now.

Picture Credit: Tech Crunch