This New Private Jet By Honda Took 30 Years To Develop And It’s Amazing (Pictures)

The first thing that comes to your mind when we mention Honda is cheap and efficient Japanese cars, and maybe motorcycles if you’ve read something more than just Buzzfeed. But what you didn’t know is that Honda, yes Honda, is in the business of building private jets now!

When Honda decides to produce something, they make sure it’s solid and extremely good, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that the development of the new Honda jet took over 30 years to develop. The price tag? You got to dig deep in your pockets to afford this baby that costs $4.5 Million!

What’s so special about the new Honda jet is that, unlike traditional private jets, the engines are not linked to the fuselage but to the wings. According to the AP’s Yuri Kageyama, Honda already has 100 orders for the jet.

“To offer personal mobility in the skies was the dream of Soichiro Honda and the dream of us Honda men. Today is a symbolic day.” – Honda president Takanobu Ito

More interesting, the nose design of the jet was inspired by a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo high heels the CEO of Honda came across at a duty free shop while on vacation in Hawaii (Business Insider). Talk about inspiration!

Check some pics of the new HondaJet (Photo Credit: Honda)

hondajet-347-skitch hondajet-3 hondajet_interior_1 hondajet_cockpit hondajet