A New Year, A New Start

Well, 2014 is here; you partied, celebrated and enjoyed that little change in the calendar, but what did you celebrate exactly? A number change or a well-spent year? You have to realize that a new year is not just another stage in your life like the past or next 30 years you’ll go through. New Year is a time for reflection, a time to weigh your actions and see how well you did in those past 365 days. If a New Year for you is just a time to pop champagne, then you can do that anytime, anywhere, but if it is a time where you can face yourself and seriously account for how you spent that year gone, then you’re on the right track to make this 2014 a time of glory and success.

New Year is the start of a new page, a fresh beginning where you can decide who you are now and who you want to be by the end of it. Here is how you can start 2014 with a clear vision for how to make it worth it, make every day count and be sure that in 12 months, you can proudly look back and know that it mattered, that today you are a better person than you were 1 year ago. 

Dream big

 Well, obviously this is not a request to go take a nap and dream for the next 12 hours. Let’s put the cliché aside and talk down to earth: when we say dream big, we mean it. Know that you’re powerful and invincible, and that all it takes for you to achieve a dream is to want to. The only one who can prove you right or wrong is you. If you don’t follow your dreams or have one in the first place, someone will hire you to build theirs. It is that simple. Saying that your dream is to have a house, a job or a car is pathetic. Remember how your dream back in kindergarten was to become an astronaut, the president or a pilot? Well it’s never too late for that. We grow up full of aspirations, but new year after new year, we become dull, drop our dreams along the way and poison ourselves with mediocre expectations. This New Year, I want you to look back at those times in primary school and remind yourself that some part inside you still wants to achieve that dream, to prove everyone wrong and show that you can indeed make it, that you are going to achieve success not because others will grant it to you, but because you deserve it. Your dreams are yours, so don’t be ashamed or afraid of letting them be genuine. Stop complaining, wipe out fears of rejection or failure, decide what you truly would die for and go after it. Chase your dreams until they come true. As long as you don’t achieve that dream, there is nothing to celebrate because a life without dreams is not worth living.

Put the effort

I might have mentioned dreaming big in the past paragraph, but if you don’t put the sweat, tears, heart and passion into chasing it, then your dream is no different than a wish, and you know what wishes are good for? Nothing!

Nothing comes easy in life, because if they do, then they’re not worth it. There are billions of people out there trying to make a living, struggling to make ends meet or trying to barely survive, and they all want a piece of success. The competition is fierce and unlimited while there is not much glory to share with everyone. If you want to grab a big slice of the pie, then you better prepare yourself for the battle, the battle where losing is not an option. Whatever you do, you can always do better. You can always put more hours in. You can definitely hustle more. Only then will you truly appreciate your accomplishments. When you know you worked hard for something, gaining it has a far more rewarding feeling than stumbling upon it by chance. How hard did you work in 2013? Well this New Year is time to work twice as hard!


We can’t stress it enough: your network is your net worth. Sometimes working hard doesn’t cut it, but knowing the right person does. In life it is hard to make it to the top alone or on your own, you’ll need people around to give you that boost or that much needed help to keep moving forward. Alone you can go fast, but with people you can far, and knowing that life and success is not a sprint but a marathon, you might want to settle for some nice company. You are the average of the people you hang out with or associate with, if you network is made of pessimist, dream killers, mediocre individuals who’ll suck the life out of you, then good luck making something out of your life. But if the people you know are the kind who will set the bar high, who will give you a push when you think of quitting, who will have the advice, opinion or resource for whatever you need, then welcome to elite club. Your network should have startup CEOs, financiers, celebrities, high net worth individuals, nerds, closers and friends in all industries. Your network should be a pool you can tap into whenever you need something. Remember the six degrees of separation? Well, you better start working on making that number even less, because all it takes is the trouble of sending an email, attending an event or getting out of your room.

Morale of the story, there are always ways to make the new year better than the past one. We should be able to celebrate 2014 because we know that we are a better and more successful persons than what we were in 2013. It’s all about making your life count; making sure that your movement is always forward. Our days are numbered, the question is, how well did we spend them?

Make the rest of your life the best of your life

  • 1.    Have a goal in life
  • 2.    Take risks
  • 3.    Build relationships
  • 4.    Grow your network
  • 5.    Be passionate about what you do
  • 6.    Do not settle for average
  • 7.    Pick your friends carefully
  • 8.    Work smart, Not hard
  • 9.    Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t
  • 10. Start or create something
  • 11. Take time to reflect on your actions
  • 12. Never quit
  • 13. Travel and experience new adventures
  • 14. Make this year count