Done Writing Your New Year Resolutions? Think Again!

If you think you are over with your New Year Resolutions, you might just be wrong. It doesn’t matter if you scribbled down “Read 100 book” or “Start a new company”, because if you go back to your list you will find that something really important is missing: MOTIVATION. Before you plan to do or be any of the things you just wrote down in that paper, well you have to be first and foremost MOTIVATED, and that’s what most people lack!

Motivation is all about how bad you want it! Your goal has to be more important than anything else in your life. It should precede food and sleep if necessary. Motivation is all about your ability and enthusiasm to go as far as possible, to fight tooth and nail to reach the summit and grasp your success with your bare hands. It is how many miles you are willing to run if you want to be in that marathon, how many papers you are eager to write to get your final draft ready to be published, how many doors you are ready to knock at before you become the person that people want to meet.

The amount of failed trials before your achieve a goal is definitely not called successive failures, but it is just the smart way of exploring all the different paths that will not lead you to your destination, in order to narrow it down to the right track and finally getting to your goal. Unsuccessful trials have never meant failure and will never do so; they are the ways that you must avoid next time to get what you want faster. It’s a learning experience, a learning is never a bad thing! Failure is when you stop trying, failure is when your motivation comes to an end, it is when you don’t want to step forward anymore and stay still until the others get ahead of you. Always keep in mind that obstacles are created by he who instead of working hard searches for excuses.

He who says he can, and he who says he can’t, are both usually right. – Confucius

Unlike what most people say, motivation is very easy to acquire. It’s not a state of mind only the elite can master, it’s not a secret recipe only the most successful can call on. You just have to know where to look. Try first with the successful people in your surroundings: relatives, friends, peers… Studies have shown that looking at a successful person makes you want to work harder to reach success yourself. You can also try motivational speeches, videos and articles: those are found easily on the internet and especially on YouTube. You can’t get it if you don’t see it, simple. So surround yourself with everything that connects back to motivation, whether they are people, videos, music or posters.

Another easy simple move to try is to stand in front of a mirror, look deeply at yourself, give yourself a pat on the back and visualize your dream future. Reminding yourself of where you want to end and what you want to accomplish is powerful, especially when you’re staring yourself in the eye. You have to be hard on yourself, to hold yourself to the same high standards you want everyone to rise to. You’re your biggest ally and your greatest enemy, so don’t let YOU become a complacent one who nods at your excuses. Instead make yourself your own motivational coach, your own general, your own teacher and your own mentor. Only then will you be able to be the catalyst for your own success.

If you have a goal in mind, plan it, it is better to organize your thoughts of improvement to work better and faster. Wake up every morning cheerful and saying “I can”, remember always to think positive thoughts to get you in the right mood for efficient and effective work, and never forget that action makes progress; you are never to move forward if you do not take the first step.

SO stay motivated and never lose faith in yourself.

Photo Credit: We Heart It