Numbers Don’t Lie: Stats Show That We Don’t Pay Enough For a Pint of Milk

We probably all pop at least one pint of milk in our shopping trolley or basket every week without thinking twice. It’s one of those items that we always need.

But do we pay a fair price? Would we pay more?

You might well have seen things in the supermarkets that show stores’ efforts to back British farmers and that’s a reflection of the fact that the industry is struggling.

Since 2002 more than half of Britain’s dairy farmers have gone out of business. The simple fact is that their costs are going up and the price they receive isn’t.

As a result, farmers borrowed £18 billion in 2015 – meaning that they need to know their way around a loan calculator as much as they do the needs of their herd.


A series of data cards shows just how far behind milk prices lag. In 1975 a pint of milk was just 7p and by 2015 it had reached 45p. That meant that a pint was 6.5 times as expensive in 40 years.

By contrast, a pint of beer in 2015 cost £2.96 – almost 20 times more than the 1975 price of 15p.


Cinema tickets and medicines are among the other expenses to rise at a faster rate than milk, while pay packets were 14 times more in 2015 than they were in 1975.


If milk had risen at the same rate as pay, a pint would now cost just under £1. Maybe that would be a fairer price all round?

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