Your Past Is Irrelevant When Your Future Is The Only Thing That Matters

I was great once. I used to drive a million-dollar car and spend the weekends in the Hamptons. Back in the days, I used to hit some rounds on the golf course with Mark Cuban. Who cares!? If you were the shit in the past and a nobody today, what does it matter? Where is the glory in that? Understand that people will judge you for your present and where you’re headed towards, not your “glorified” past. Being all-nostalgic about last years “accomplishments” is simply a waste of time, especially when looking back on the past blinds you from the future.

Some people complain about being raised by a single mother, some recount how bad they had it in high school, some go into depression-mode because they lived in a messed up neighborhood where nothing good happened, and that’s pretty much the end of it. They use their past as an excuse to escape the present and any thought of doing great for themselves.

There are individuals who grew up in orphanages, with no parents or role models around to tell them how great they were, and they still managed to work their way up. Others lived in ultimate poverty before having their big breakthrough. The point is, where you start never determines where you’ll end up. Your past doesn’t have to be your frame of reference for all your decisions and actions. If your circumstances didn’t look that bright a few years back, get over it, because for every day you sit and reminisce about “the god ol´days”, days to become great are lost. Nobody will feel sad for you or pity you, nobody will cut you slack because you grew up in a shady neighborhood. People will judge you based on what you deliver today. Who you are today is all that matters, and the potential you have for the future is what will drive others towards you.

Similarly, success is not the result of a life long process. You don’t have to be successful since day one. You can turn your life around in high school, your mid 20s or even when you hit your 50s. I mean just look at Ray Crock, the founder of McDonalds, he sold paper cups till the age of 52. There is no deadline or time limit for being successful, if you have the guts, the will and the drive, then all that matters is right now. Always set your eyes on the future and never look back. Everyday is a new opportunity for you to reinvent yourself. Everyday is a chance to be reborn. Everyday is a blank page. So  it’s up to you to decide what you’ll make out of your new “ordinary” day. Some people end up behind bars, others lose a relative, plenty go through a break up or huge failure, but hey, life moves on. So pick  yourself up, dust yourself off and set the pace for a new adventure, because always remember that you are the one who can break or make yourself, not others, not past events – you!

Always work on what drives you forward in life today, and not yesterday. We change and adapt, we go through experiences, we meet new people and we accomplish new things, so we’re pretty much developing and changing all the time. By sticking to a past experience and letting it stop you from achieving wonders is simply dumb. You might look back and wish you did things differently, or that you took another path, but guess what, regrets are only regrets, nothing irreversible, nothing that can change the past – it’s only an emotional comfort we feed ourselves to ease off the pain of whatever “why did I do that” incident.

You always have to muster courage and admit that the only reason you’re not going forward, you’re not succeeding or getting the results you want, is because of the bullshit story you keep on telling yourself as to why you can’t do it. Harsh, yes, but it’s the truth and you really have to get past it. People who use their past as an excuse are not motivated enough, don’t have the passion and lack the proper drive. Excuses are for losers (I know you’ve seen that quote on like a hundred Instagram posts, but that doesn’t make it any less true).

But you know what’s worst than letting your past drive you down? Sticking to your present when it’s taking you absolutely nowhere. You don’t like your job, quit and find another one. Your relationship is dragging you down, leave. Not satisfied with your current plans, make new ones. There is nothing as disturbing as someone settling down for something they’re unhappy about. It just takes six letters, one word, to change one’s life: Enough. If you feel like you’re fed up with how things are turning out to be, then you have no excuse to stick with it. You don’t want to spend a lifetime waiting for things to get better, because that road will take you only to one place: a mediocre death and a life full of regrets.

Your past doesn’t define you, your present is not you’re only option; the only thing that matters is your future. How will you define your future? How will you move forward and progress? What direction will set your life on fire? The choice is yours.

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