Patrick Chakauya: The Entrepreneur Who Wants To Build A Footwear Empire

What to do when you have a dream, a passion, a goal you’re dying to accomplish? While most of us would just sit tight and hope that one day things will magically work out, a minority is getting out there and hustling to make from their aspirations a reality. The ones that won’t take “No” for an answer are the ones who end up making it all the way through, because rejection, challenges and failures are just an invitation to try harder.

Coming from a modest background has taught me that being humble in life can benefit you when confronted with success.

Meet Patrick, an entrepreneur from Zimbabwe who dreamt about building a sneakers empire. The dream didn’t stay long inside his head, but spilled onto business plans, designs and sales that ultimately led his once imaginary shoe to take form in some of the finest factories in Italy. Patrick today has his first line of Shoes, Butsu, in production and has already made enough sales to gain the attention of Alive Shoes. Butsu sneakers are always released in limited numbers so that customers can be sure to be the only ones rocking the shoes.

I believe that you are capable of achieving anything despite your humble upbringing.

Being an entrepreneur is not all parties and cash. According to Patrick, it is tiring and terrifying. The question always remains: will I ever really make a difference? Am I smart enough? Or am I destined to an average life without much risk?

These questions are the driving force in every entrepreneur’s journey, the constant doubt, the inclination to give up whenever things don’t work out as expected. But the fire that fuels that passion is far more powerful than any thought of giving up and throwing the towel.

Your ability to take risks in life is your personal tool to test your character.

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Where many only dream of making their own stuff, Patrick Chakauya went on to build his own shoe brand and create his own footwear. Never settle for getting what others have to offer, go out there and create your own.


Butsu: Dream, Live, Conquer!