A Piece Of Advice From Three Successful Entrepreneurs

I took the liberty to dedicate my time on asking three of the greatest entrepreneurs, the ultimate question we all want an answer for: “what makes a good entrepreneur, a great entrepreneur?” What makes you the black sheep in the herd and why are you put on a pedestal amongst millions of other entrepreneurs? You would think that the answers would be complex and overdone with fancy words and genetical explanations, but they weren’t!

Gary Vaynerchuck: ” I hang out with other entrepreneurs  24/7! You are who u hangout with!”

What Vavnerchuck said makes perfect sense, because it is scientifically proven that you become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Whereupon, if you want to be an entrepreneur, get together with entrepreneurs, if you want to be an actor, get together with actors and if you want to be a lawyer, get together with lawyers! Surround yourself with beneficial individuals who can, in fact, motivate you and push you towards greater goals, rather than hanging out with the hipster who have non what so ever beneficial outcomes.

James Altucher: “Fail frequently.”

As crazy as it may sounds, the guys got a point.  The most effective way to learn and to do something, is by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. As much as some people think that the best method of learning is to study a book for 12 hours a day, the question is whether someone has actually learnt how to ride a bike by reading about it or by taking a practical approach to the situation. Think about it, you got on that bike the first time, and you kept on falling down. Either way you refused to stay down and got back on that bike, keeping in mind that you maybe had to go a little faster in order to keep the bicycle steady – and it worked! Man up and keep on fighting the difficulties till you knock it out of the park

Jeet Banerjee: “Nothing worth having comes overnight. Successful people go through a lot of tough shit before they get to where they are. The key between success and failure is simply persistence. Do not give up and constantly learn from your mistakes and failures.”

Cant say it any better my self. A lot of people think that by carrying out a project or by starting a business, you automatically start making money from day one. But the reality is a little different, because if it was that easy, we all would be rich successful entrepreneurs. We must be patient, learn from our mistakes and try again and again until one day we find the magical formula.