Look At Me Now: This Is How Pinterest Started Out

Ben Silbermann, one of the early founders of Pinterest, must have, in all honesty, been one of the most stubborn, most dedicated and devoted entrepreneurs out there as he just would not give up on what would later turn out to be one of the greatest online media platforms worth of almost $8 billion today. Not only did he not give up on his extraordinary vision, but he quit his prestigious job at Google with no grand plan in mind, only to innovate what would later come to be known as Pinterest.

And just as the typical entrepreneurial story goes, after failing and being rejected over and over again, he finally succeeded, making it all the way to the top! Anna Vital, the founder of Funders and Founders, created yet another incredible infographic that precisely describes what their path to success looked like. Check it out for yourself!

(Click to enlarge.)


Picture Credit: Funders and Founders