From Poor To Rich: Habits You Have To Adopt To Become A Self-Made Billionaire

There really is no secret formula to becoming a billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school and decided to code while Sara Blakely quite her job at Disney Land and started working on a new undergarment. But if there ever was a secret formula, if there was that one thing self-made billionaire had in common, it would be their business strategy. They all had the guts to take gigantic risks. I mean lets face it, your not going to end up on the Forbes top 100 list by taking the calm and cautious path, it would never happen.

Funders and Founders hit yet another home-run as they took on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and found that, out of the 100 wealthiest people on the planet right now, 27 of them actually inherited their fortune. But it gets better, 36 were born into “humble households” (that is if they had a family at all) and a total of 18 didn’t graduate from college – that oughta motivate you to drop out huh?

Yet there are the unique characters like Larry Ellison, the founder of the giant software empire, Oracle, who actually fall into both categories; He wasn’t born into money and he sure didn’t have a college degree of any sort. As a matter of fact Ellison was actually an orphan and now, has a net-worth of an estimated value of $37 billion. And when you thought the circumstances couldn’t get any worse, you discover Amancio Ortega, the founder of the fashion giant Zara. Ortega was the son of a railroad worker and was recently estimated to have a net-worth of $52 billion.

So what can we absorb from these extraordinary journeys? What can we learn from such motivating individuals? Funders and Founders stunning info-graphic bellow takes you on the journey of these wealthy and hard-working billionaires and shows you what mind-blowing risks and sacrifices they had to make in order to make it to the top.

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Picture Credit: Funders And Founders

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