Being Practical and Passionate: Every Entrepreneurs’ Starting Point

What excites you? If the opinion of your parent was not a factor and peer pressure didn’t exist, what would you go for? Would you study the structure of dandelions in the US or travel to places you’ve never been to make a difference?

We all have a bunch of quotes lining our walls from the “Live life” to the” Be Bold” mantras. But I see more of its recitation then its application.

In today’s world when you ask someone “What do you do?”,  professionals tell you their job title responsibilities and students tell you their major concentrations. They then regurgitate a well-practiced reason for why their role is useful for society.

There is nothing wrong with studying practical topics and taking on a job for a steady paycheck even if you have no passion for either scenario. My hope though, is that you take a moment to not let your studies or career path consume you and destroy your sense of self.

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” 
– Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

I realize that we live in two parallel universes as individuals. The practical one which holds our contributions to society’s expectation of education, career and status and the spiritual one, which holds our inner passions, our wants and truest desires. I think we need both but too many times people spend the majority of their life focused on the practical and ignoring the spiritual. Why?-because it takes boldness to navigate the spiritual side of ourselves. The thing is it doesn’t have to be that way. If 99 % of your life efforts are focused on the practical, take the time to change the 1% of the other side over time. Recognize that there is a balance, yes we will have to face society’s expectations and get the degrees and status markers, but don’t loose your soul in the process.