The Price Tag For Success

What is success? How much do you have to make in a month in order to be considered successful? You get these questions every now and then, and it comes to a point where you just realize that it’s hard to claim that you have made it because the very first question people ask you is: How big is your paycheck and what’s your net worth?

See, the problem is not you, but rather the culture you live in, the pop culture that says that you are not the real deal unless you’re driving a Ferrari or lining up zeros after zeros in your bank account. Society conditioned us to think that money is everything; that happiness is only reached if you can afford a weekend in Marbella or a bachelor party in Monte Carlo. It’s that pop culture that keeps on telling us that if you think you can be happy living in a small apartment delivering mail as a profession, then you have to be delusional, finding excuses to justify your mediocrity. Today’s vibe tells us that that no matter how you feel, no matter what you do, it all boils down to how fat your wallet is, because money is success, money is happiness.

The truth is…

Never tie how successful you are to how much you make. If your goal is money, then you will always try to make more and more, a million, a billion, a trillion and the race goes on and on. You will never be satisfied, you’ll never be able to say “Yes I made it” because well, there will always be more to gain.

Happiness, on the other hand, is something you can look for and reach. If you wake up every morning looking forward to your job, if you open up your eyes happy to see the person laying next to you, if you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and how many people you are helping everyday, then you’re successful.

Remember, there is no price tag for success.

Photo Credit: Tumblr.