Why Being A Problem-Solver Will Make You Rich

We all have problems. It´s true that not everyone has the same troubles, and it is also true that there are some  much more serious than others . But, at the end of the day, we all face a multitude of problems and it makes us all equally pissed.

It´s true that, in a way, we should embrace our problems and deal with them personally, as this will make us grow and become increasingly stronger and resistant to the difficulties of life. But it is also true that, as human beings, we tend naturally to avoid problems. We want to live as comfortably as possible so that we can focus on what we really enjoy. I mean, who wants to stand in a coffee line waiting for 25 minutes while the asshole stockbroker is vomiting numbers and stats on the phone in front of you?

In fact, we pay people to solve our problems and make life easier for us. We may not be very aware of this fact, but we are continually paying people to fix our troubles.

If pipes are damaged in your home, obviously you have a problem. So what do you do? Call the plumber to fix the problem. If the plumber solves the problem satisfactorily, we will pay for it. Right?

If you go down the street and suddenly decide that you want to get a coffee, there are many cafes to satisfy your desire in exchange for a small fee.

The fact is that  problems all around us are an opportunity waiting for someone to come grab it. Being a problem-solver is a skill that can be acquired through practice, effort and dedication. And the good thing of being a problem-solver is that if you have the proper mindset and learn how to monetize your skills, you can make money. In fact, you can earn a lot of it.

We all have abilities that make us unique and special. We all have one or more gifts, things we like to do and that we do very well. So you have no excuse not to learn how to solve problems. Focus your attention on those things that are annoying for ordinary people. Identify problems and then focus yourself on how to solve these inefficiencies in the most efficient way possible. Once you have it, think about how you can create a system that makes people (consumers) pay you to resolve the issue and… Voilà!

Be a problem-solver, and sooner than you imagine, you will earn money from it and  people will love you for making their lives easier. And remember, the bigger the problem you solve, the greater the profit you get.

Photo Credit: USA Network