Project30: These Guys Are On An Epic Journey Every Millennial Should Learn From

When you are a college student, life passes by quicker than you realize. Fall, winter, and spring are for studying, waiting for the semester to end, and the summer is wasted on leisure or preliminary career opportunities. Then you graduate, losing the summer as well. You don’t do much, and the weeks fly by. So, for this summers, we have decided to break the routine. For 30 days, we would do 30 things that we have never done before, posting a video daily to share our experiences in 30 videos total. The experiences ranged from personal, local to communal. We have gotten waxed, ate bugs and scorpions, did standup comedy, dressed up as superheroes to help save the day for some fellow citizens and last but not least, drafted Chelsea FC players John Terry and Matic to our imaginary soccer intramural team and got them to sign contracts.


Time passes extremely slowly when everything is new and exploration is endless. Of course, the most important change however happens in our own perception. Working from waking up to sleeping –whether we plan, shoot, or edit our videos, because we don’t have time for anything else– gives an immense satisfaction with one’s value of their lives. Our self-imposed urgency keeps us on our toes. And the more we hustle the more we get creative. The main challenge of posting daily allows us to reflect on our experiences and share them with the world. Us five guys, from five different nationalities, ranging from Sweden, France, USA, Turkey to Egypt, have become the closest friends even though we met only a month ago. Project30 Montreal is a microcosm of what we want to inspire in the world. We started in Montreal, but we want to expand as to not let our new way of living end here. Our friends and the people of Montreal join us every day in our videos, but only we know the toll this marathon of a month brings. It is too much. It is a total break from the quotidian struggles of our normal lives. And it is tiring, but much more satisfying than anything we could have imagined. By constantly doing something new and never giving up, we have become more open-minded, more conscious of how time slips away from our fingers. By taking action against the current, we have become faster than before, the weeks have felt longer, and our lives have become more unique. If only everybody could feel like this, because, to Project30, this is what life is all about.


Want to know about another sick thing they did? Well, they signed some of Chelsea’s players to their team! Check the video here in Episode 18: