Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance; The 5 Ps that lead to success in Life and Business

That was the only thing I ever heard from my uncle, now you can imagine, as a kid, that was a pain in the ass. Hearing how you had to prepare and constantly keep a disciplined schedule to simply prevent a bad grade or getting an essay handed in on time. But not until later years did I actually understand the value of what he was constantly repeating, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. It’s a life lesson, a lesson that every successful individual has embraced. The key to achieving that top grade you’ve always wanted, a successful business plan or even that dream beach body you’ve only seen on cheap TV shops, is repetition. Having a repeated daily routine, a routine that does not only guarantee success but stability, something that keeps you in check whenever you get off course.

Because we´ve all spent those killing hours in front of our desks studying for an exam, working on an essay trying to meet a deadline or working on a project that might just do the trick. That long “To Do List” you write down every day to finish your work – That’s called doing what you have to do. That’s called discipline. That’s called living a few years like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life living like most people can’t. The shit you put up with is going to pay off once you embrace the disciplined routine of an action. It’s like the great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

Let me break it down to you, a high IQ does not necessarily lead to success. An A in high school doesn’t habitually lead to an A in life. As a matter of fact, people with high IQ and that have an easier learning ability tend to fail because of their cocky overconfident state of mind. There is actually one essential characteristic that emerges amongst individuals who make it best, as a significant predictor of success. It isn’t their charm, social intelligence and it’s for damn sure not their IQ. It is people who have the passion and determination for the long-term goals, the goals they wanted to achieve. It is about having stamina. Sticking with your “To do list”. Sticking with your plan – every day, for years to come. It’s about having a rock solid work ethic and working your ass off to become the man you want to be. It’s about living life like it’s a marathon not a sprint.

But during that sprint we have all felt like quitting, we have all had our doubts. Though something that should keep you motivated is that you will one day unlock that achievement, the achievement of living your dream and to finally meet Her. Who? The girl you’ve always dreamt of. Because who are we kidding; we will never have a fully successful life until you´ve found your dream girl, or should I say women, your Mrs. Perfect that you will spend your “happily ever after” with. But there is a catch; a pretty messed up catch actually. Ever wonder why rich ugly ass men end up with the young sexy 25 year olds? Well there is a key word here – rich. Yes people, wake up from your delusional dream – we live in a fucked up modern society were capital is one of the major variables that define success. A society that evolves around money. So if you’re reading this and thinking, “this is such horseshit, money has nothing to do with success” go and shoot yourself. The day you wake up and decide that you want a wife and maybe a couple of small little devils running around the house, ask yourself this; Will I afford their education? Food on the table? Healthcare? Give them the life I never had – give them anything and everything they want?

How the hell do you think Donald Trump ended up marrying the Slovenian supermodel Melania Knauss – well it wasn’t for his personality or good looks I’ll tell you that much. It was because he could provide, provide one of the things every woman is looking for, financial security. Now yes there are women out there who don’t value or need the financial thing as much, but lets face it, no matter how lovable, sweet or good looking you are, you won’t get that dream girl, unless you are successful. Why? Well it’s simple, a dream girl desires a dream life. As a man, if you can’t fulfill that dream she´s always looked for, she won’t fulfill yours. So keep your head in the game, keep on working your ass off, keep that determination going for just a little while more, fight for those few extra hours, so that one day, you’ll wake up beside an angel.

We´ve all heard the expression, practice makes perfect; it’s not just some bullshit your football coach used to say, it’s actually true! Doing something, constantly in a scheduled routine will lead to invaluable and glorified success. How do you think LeBron James got his jump shots? How did Steve Jobs come up with the revolutionary technology that exists today? All questions have a similar answer; they properly prepared, day in and day out, to prevent poor performance, and ended up on top of the food chain. We may all be motivated and have that igniting spark that gets us started, but it’s the habit of it, that keeps us going.