Queen Of Booty: Sara Blakely Turned $5,000 Into A Billion Dollar Company

They don’t call her the Queen of Booty for nothing! Sara Blakely, the quintessential female entrepreneur is not only a maverick for turning $5,000 into a billion dollar company, but she is also the role model every entrepreneur should look up to: she tried to solve a problem she was facing, she failed multiple times and ultimately scaled her solution to others. Fast forward, what started with her own butt as she says ended up being a household name every woman, and to some extent man, knows: Spanx!

A lot of times we pressure ourselves to think of solutions to global problems, of the next big thing that can revolutionize people’s lives, and in doing so we overlook the small problems we face everyday as worthy of business solutions. We look outside of ourselves for problems to solve when the problems worth solving are staring us right in the eye. Sara didn’t attempt to change the world, she merely tried to feel good about her butt, but because she was so passionate about finding solutions to HER “inconvenience”, her product appealed to every other woman who was once, and is, in same situation.

Ideas that scale are ideas that solve the most personal of challenges. Whether you want to create a product that helps you see better, connect better, look better or be more efficient, know that by solving your need you are in a position to solve everyone else’s. Entrepreneurship is not limited to the realm of the genius coders or serial entrepreneurs, it is at the reach of everyone, because entrepreneurship boils down to solving challenges. Whether that leads to changing the world, or making you billions, is collateral.

Watch this Forbes interview with Sara:

Photo Credit: CNN