You Are Not Ready To Be Successful And Here Is Why

Everyone dreams about success, wealth, fame and power. There is hardly anytime we don’t spend imagining how awesome it would be to be the Mark Zuckerberg of our time, or the Kennedy of our generation. Success sounds good, feels good, and we’d do anything just to be able to have a taste of it, well almost anything.

The problem is, going to the moon must have been awesome as well, but there were only a very few to do it. Being a billionaire is probably cool, but there are only a few thousands of them out there. There are things that sound amazing but that are not as easy to get by as you think. See, not everyone is cut for success, not everyone can handle being on their A-game and not everyone can survive an overdose of awesomeness. People like to talk the talk, acting like they’re all that, but in reality, that’s all they do – act. You listen to that regular crap,┬álistening to your friends blab about how much of a Casanova they are, about how they can get any women to fall in love with them, yet you never see them execute any of the preaching they do. Same goes with idealist kids who think they’ll change the world and tell of a 1000 ways to do so yet never get started on one. Similarly, people discuss on any occasion they have the ways and means to be successful. How they can already visualize buying their first penthouse or driving the latest Ferrari, and years down the line they’re still holding the same cup of coffee talking about the same dreams they never accomplished.

These people, a majority one would think, are not ready for a life roller coaster that will take them from higher to highest. But don’t blame them, there is a reason , or should I say, reasons, why they never take that first crucial step.

They’re too afraid of greatness. Yes, as much as people feel confident about being able to handle fame, money and power, they simply can’t see themselves actually doing it. They’re too overwhelmed by what can happen, whether they’ll be able to cope with the pressure and the craziness that that entails, or whether they’ll be able to deal with the troubles associated with being the friend and family guy everyone looks up to for anything and everything.

They’re too naive. The world if full of idealists, and not so much of realists, that’s why the elite is usually small in size and numbers. From day one people are taught that they can expect to go far in life if they are honest, genuine, truthful, loving and friendly, but truth is, you live in a jungle where only the fittest survive. Success will not be delivered to your doorstep wrapped in a gift pack. If you don’t fight tooth and nail for it, you’ll never come across feeling what it’s like to have it all. You’re not unique, you’re not a star in the wilderness. You’re one of billions, and if you don’t put the effort to stand out, nobody will ever know what your name is.

They’re too sensitive. If you don’t have a thick skin, good luck making it to the top. For every successful person in the world, chances are there are 10 haters waiting to tear your success apart. No one ever escapes the criticism of the masses. You turn left and they shout right. You turn right and they shout left. You can’t please everyone, and people will not follow your league just because you have the answers. Some can’t handle bad press, others can’t hear criticism without falling apart in tears. Success is for the tough, strong people who value their goals more than their image. It’s not about what people say about you, it’s about what you think of yourself. People call Kanye West crazy and dumb yet they secretly spend their nights wishing they could have even a fraction of what he has. People criticize Zuckerberg for being an asshole and selling his friends out when they didn’t even build a $100 website or know how to start a company. Criticizing is easy, and that’s why the majority are good at it.

My advice, cut the BS and stop claiming you’re ready to be the next big thing. It’s ugly, tough, and can break you. It’s not for the faint hearted, or for the delusional. If it was easy, why aren’t we all successful. If a book can teach you how to make a billion, how come the author is still living on food stamps?

Picture Credit: Flickr