Ready To Take On A New Year? These Are The Life Advices That Matter In 2016

2016 is only a few months away. If you want to stay on the diamond track to success, you have to take note of the fresh lifestyle trends permeating the lives of millennials with a global mindset all over the world. Here are our top advices for the year ahead!


Don’t settle for old and worn out concepts of work and lifestyle! If you find that working without a desk in an office suits your style, then do try to shake up the status quo. There are still many employers stuck in antiquated ways of thinking about work. Just try to make it work and with enough experience you can create your own dream job that can be done from anywhere in the world. There are numerous resources available online, including job listings catering to digital nomads and virtual communities empowering people working without a fixed location.


Do you see the emerging pattern in Twitter bios? Eco-gardener with a passion for IT and cupcakes. Movie buff aiming to hit 1K on United. More and more, people are starting to identify themselves by means of what they do, what they strive for or what they love. The older generations are quicker to describe themselves by focusing solely on their age, nationality or mundane job title. Noticing the trend is not only important to write better short bios, it’s about the bridge you build between your inner world and the outer reality. Letting people know what makes you tick and describing yourself through the medium of your passion is an awesome way of instantly making more connections.


Multifunctional homes are all the rage because the added functionality helps to balance the more unpredictable lives of millennials. Living spaces doubling as offices or recreational areas immediately help to save space and supercharge creativity in an unorthodox way. The main keywords for following and immersing yourself in this trend are custom live-work spaces, functional micro apartments and space-saving homes. Some of the solutions out there are simply beautiful!


2016 will see the continuing trend of apps like Tinder providing an opportunity of instantaneous match instead of long questionnaires and elaborate biographies. Dating apps from the ’instant romance’ wave are based on different inner workings, but the most popular ones are relying either on proximity, chat outcome, pictures or all of them. At the same time, one can find highly specialized dating apps with an aim to crank the compatibility level to the max. Hyper-targeted dating platforms cater, among other themes, to people who love luxury, enjoy cannabis or value sobriety.


Education is online and while it always isn’t free for everybody (public Coursera courses vs. paid online classes), there are numerous ways to learn and gain knowledge at a distance of just a few clicks. An avid learner can find interactive data science courses, language learning programs, coding caverns and guitar tutors. The universe of online education is constantly expanding and giving unprecedented opportunities for learning both theoretical and practical grounds. Try some of these services out to get an edge on your specialization or to immerse yourself in something totally new!

Experiences vs. Stuff

It’s great to have a nice gadget in your pocket or neat home appliances that sustain your lifestyle choices. Yet, many millennials opt for having the essential stuff, forgetting about constant upgrades and dumping the mindset of obtaining personal value from buying new things. Some of them feel the previous generations were way too materialistic. This important shift has given birth to websites selling experiential gifts, growing  phenomenon of young people selling all their earthly belongings for travel and a general mindset of collecting memories instead of stuff. Things may get broken or you might get bored with them, but awesome experiences fade only with memory.

Photo Credit: We Heart It

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