Reasons Why People Become Unhappy (Infographic)

There are more people today who are unhappy about their lives, their work, their partners or their classes than ever before. Scrolling through our newsfeed or checking the latest snaps, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that everyone else is having a blast while you’re dying of loneliness in your small crappy room. You thought you’d be making 120.000 USD after graduation but realised that making half of it would be a miracle? You’re spending your time lamenting yourself and complaining about your miseries with a group of friends who can’t be of any help but add to your unhappiness?

Understanding what makes you unhappy is the first step to putting a big smile on your face. Whether it is high expectations or hanging out with commiserators, this infographic will help you identify why people become unhappy.

Check the infographic here: