Reclaim Female Idols: Why Successful Women Inspiring Other Women Should Be Celebrated

Everyday we hear of boys and girls looking up to iconic individuals; President Obama, Steve Jobs or even Benjamin Franklin.We see people sharing quotes from Elon Musk and Richard Branson as if the most iconic inspirational figures happen to be only male. Yet thousands, if not millions, of people out there are motivated by female figures no one takes the time to celebrate. There are some quotes most of us will frame and put in our living rooms but few know they originate from astounding women who made a difference. There is talk about how amazing Yahoo is, or how wonderful Facebook is doing, or how kickass the latest F-35s are, yet few mention that the CEO of Yahoo is a woman, the COO of Facebook is a woman and the person at the helm of Lockheed Martin is female.

We are not celebrating powerful female figures and amazing women who have had an impact the same way we idolize male icons. We may talk about women in Music, Modeling or Fashion industry, but tend to overlook women shaping the Tech industry, or Healthcare, Neuroscience and Business. Why?

It is time for us to reclaim our female idols, to celebrate them without feeling ashamed, to recognize them for the impact they left on our lives and to thank them for being the inspiration they are!

Women+, a newly launched Women empowerment initiative, aims to do exactly that. By focusing on Female success stories and highlighting the women shaking things up across all sectors, Women+ aims to frame Feminism in a positive and motivational rhetoric that does away with the aggressive Feminism alienating many, men and women. Feminism is a cause everyone should associate with, not feel afraid of. Feminism icons are not necessarily extremist groups like Femen or individuals who call for men’s eradication. Feminism is a simple call for equality and justice, and it should be as empowering and uplifting as its message.

In its new initiative, Women+ launched #HerIdol campaign aimed at asking women who their female idols are. From Dubai to Stockholm, Washington DC and Prague, women everywhere have female idols they look up to, and it’s time we celebrate that and bring it up for everyone to see!

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Photo Credit: Mohamed M'nasria