Revealed: Best Spot To Conduct Business Meetings and Close Deals In Dubai

Dubai is by far the Mekkah of Business and deals. Whether you’re a diamond trader, a tech evangelist, a real estate tycoon, an arts curator or an oil magnate, you’ve probably been to Dubai at one point in your life. It’s not just the high rise or the flair of affluence in the air, and it’s definitely not the lineup of supercars or Russian models going on a shopping spree in the Dubai Mall, it’s something you can’t quite see or touch, it’s in the air, just there, reminding you overtime that the only religion in the city is money and business.

And as in any other city, Dubai also has its top spots for specific things. You have the prime night clubs and the hot restaurants for some, and then you got the spots to lock deals for others, and in Dubai, the right place to meet clients and shake hands is by far Jumeirah Emirates Towers’s Hotel Lobby.

Just last week, I was meeting a business partner over coffee in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Lobby and to my right, casually sipping on her coffee and chatting with her friends, was HE Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, current minister of Foreign Trade and ex-minister of Economy and Panning. The people you’d usually bump into in Emirates Towers range from ministers and CEOs to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, the ruler of Dubai himself.

Located on the ground floor of Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Hotel Tower, The Lobby Lounge serves light snacks and refreshments throughout the day. Granite and marble flooring, gold sofas, rich brown carpets and piano music all combine to create the ideal backdrop for an informal meeting, a business lunch, or perhaps a place to simply catch up with your thoughts and contemplate the next stage of your journey. – Jumeirah.com

Power, wealth, refined tastes and thirst for success are the omnipresent fragrance in that magical space, and whether you’re trying to impress a client, intent on feeling pumped up or interested in some face time with Dubai’s Elite, then a quick ride to Emirates Towers is a must. Did we mention that entrance is free and the service is exquisite?

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Photo Credit: Jumeirah