Romance Tips: What Russian Girls Seek in Relationships

Russian women have always seemed strange and mysterious to westerners. No wonder there are so many stereotypes and weird beliefs about them. What is really amazing, more and more guys from the USA and Western Europe are willing to meet beautiful Russian ladies online for love and marriage. What are the reasons? Those are different, in fact. Some men are bewitched with Russian women`s beauty, some hope for serious relationships with a kind and family-oriented girl, and some just yearn for kind of exotics. Anyway, a rare man from the West really knows what Russian ladies really want in relationships, and this tackles a certain number of difficulties in communication. To clarify this delicate question, we prepared the list of things any Russian girl is eager to get from her man. Keep reading!

True feelings

This must be the very basic element. Russians (as well as other Eastern Slavic folks) highly appreciate the concepts of “soul”, “destiny”, and “love”. Many of them believe true love comes along just once in life, so this is really important to choose the right partner. That’s why young Russian women avoid taking relationships hastily: they rather care of emotional bond between lovers than of sexual tension and struggle to get to know a man before going to the next level.


You may have heard about the femininity of Russian girls. And we must admit it’s true. They are far less emancipated than Western women and still believe in chivalry. Even though Russians are considered to be straightforward (and not for nothing), they hope for a special treatment when it comes to wooing. Surprises, unusual dates, small gifts, and perfect manners are essential if you wish to conquer a Russian girl`s heart. Don’t be afraid of getting too sentimental – in her view, there is no other way to prove your affection.


Talking about the Russian perception of love, it’s necessary to add they appreciate fidelity as well. In our modern era, many people prefer open relationships, but Russians have kind of an old school worldview in terms of feelings. Their women typically dream of devoting their life to a man. Moreover, they expect their partners to be faithful and honest. Think twice if you are ready to be a good lover for a Russian girl. Otherwise, things may go wrong.


A rare woman will embrace a sullen guy who can barely promote a dialogue and cheer her up. Russians are no exception. What makes them happy is your manly behaviour. What does it actually mean? Well, you should be initiative, kind, humorous, and communicative! The latter is the most significant. Russians love having long and intimate conversations, so your task is to prove yourself as a good listener and speaker.


In fact, this is what all women seek. But in Russian ladies` case, investing your time and attention in your lover is the proper way to show your feelings. Not that Russians expect you to spend 24/7 together, but they really can’t afford a relationship with a cold and distant partner. No gifts or treats can prove your love better than your presence in her life. Just show how much you care and your lady will always be delighted.


Any long-term connection implies kind of backing. In Russian families, a man is generally responsible for earning money, maintaining his home, and feeding his family. A woman, in her turn, cares about her husband and children. Of course, the rhythm of modern life makes these traditional roles shift. Russian girls become more and more independent; they attempt to receive a proper education and a good job. On the other hand, they still wish to feel protected and loved.

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