Sabrina Terence: The Female DJ Setting The Stage On Fire

Few are those DJs who you remember after walking out of the club, either because you’re half passed out, or because they’re your average joe throwing their hands up in the air and putting their playlist on automatic. And then you have the likes of David Guetta, Tiesto, Skrillex and Sabrina Terence who you’d buy a plane ticket halfway across the world to watch set the stage on fire.

If you don’t know who Sabrina Terence is, then sit tight because you’re missing on one of the hottest and best DJ’s in town, and when we say in town, we mean around the world. Listed in DJ Magazine as Top 50 in the Middle East (voted No. 15 in the polls), Sabrina is the personification of what the perfect female DJ would look like. How did it all start? That’s the catch!


“I was not satisfied with being a model and a housewife, so instead of just cooking and posing, I decided to follow my passion for music and mix in the kitchen. I always had my own music collection on my ipod when I was travelling so customising and curating playlists was my hobby from day one. Moreover, I was customising playlists for my friends and family depending on their musical tastes and preferences. Although I became a DJ at a later point, I feel I was always born for that role, I was always the person everyone would approach when they wanted to know which artist to listen to or what music hit to download.”

Sabrina isn’t your usual popular DJ: She doesn’t show up with bodyguards and she doesn’t have a team of 10 managing her online presence. She manages her own social media accounts, from posting on Facebook to replying to tweets. This is what makes Sabrina stand out, her tight connection with her fan base and her constant interaction with people across the world. The fact that Sabrina has over 1 Million fans on Facebook alone never deterred her from taking the time to share her latest updates, travel selfies or favourite tracks. The world is her stage, social media is her realm, and boy does she know how to shine! With hundreds of thousands of air miles under the belt, we couldn’t help but ask her which part of the world was her top spot.

“Well I had the great chance to travel a lot in the past few years, visiting countries like Mauritius, India, Bali, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, China, Costa Rica, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt and most of the Middle East. People sometimes ask me which spot is the best to visit or DJ in, and honestly it is hard to tell. I loved every country as each one is unique, and so are the vibes of the people. Maybe that’s why I love Dubai so much since we got a huge mix of different nationalities that remind me of all the places I have been to.”

DJ’ing is mostly a male dominated field, so standing out as a female DJ is nothing short of a phenomenal accomplishment. For Sabrina to build such a global brand with fans in the millions took time, talent and a unique approach to personal branding. Establishing herself as a leading figure in the nightlife industry in Asia and the Middle East is a testament to her resounding success and admirable determination, as well as her striking modesty.


“I think I was just there at the right time and I exploited the opportunity really well. Never give up, if you get rejected try even harder! Work on becoming better and learn everyday. That’s how I stayed relevant and how I cultivated a loyal fan base.”

Sabrina stayed beyond relevant, she actually went on to set the bar and prove that Social Media can be a powerful spring broad to strengthen one’s commercial operations. From promoting her events and herself on Facebook to getting noticed by the world’s major clubs and hotels, Sabrina sure made the most out of her time on Facebook.

“Social Media is important, if I didn’t have my fan page constantly maintained and my followers updated, then I wouldn’t have the chance to travel like this and be this popular. The secret is to keep it real and genuine. You’d be surprised but I do all my social media posting alone with my mum. It’s a lot of hours per week but definitely worth it.”

While we’re at it, we thought of asking the expert about the best clubs to hit in the UAE, and here is the roster:

Sensation Club



Park Hyatt Teracce

Atelier M





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