Samsung Leaps to The Edge of The Curve

It seems Apple’s sales team has a very good reason to fear the traction gained by Android competitors, especially Samsung, as revealed in a recent internal report. As Apple finally catches on to the wide screens that Samsung has been consistently focusing on in the Galaxy series with the new iPhone 6, Samsung is already looking to even further bend the curve of competition, literally. South Korean scientists have developed a bendable technology which Samsung is looking to commercialize via thinner, more durable and bendable devices that can transmit data about 100 times faster!

The material developed by the South Korean scientists is graphene. Discovered in 2004, graphene is a material that is a single layer of hexagonal patterns formed by carbon atoms. It is so thin that it is one million times thinner than paper, according to the American Physical Society. The Samsung researchers have reportedly found a way that would enable a single graphene crystal to maintain it’s mechanical and electrical properties over a large surface area, allowing for it’s use in producing mobile devices. Silicon, which is the widely used material for powering smartphones, is lagging about 100 times slower in electron mobility as compared to graphene. The flexibility of graphene makes it the next big innovative tool for wearable devices and smartphones. The light converting capabilities of graphene are leaps ahead of the materials currently used in mobile device, which puts graphene ahead of the internet transmission curve as data is transmitted in the form of light.

Even though it is unclear when the company will fully integrate this technology into your hands for everyday use, Samsung did say they could be able to develop completely fold-able and durable smartphones by 2015.  It remains to be seen whether this technology straight from your favorite Sci-fi film will be putting you on par with James Bond any time soon. As for Apple, let’s just say I hope the iPhone 6 and iWatch are not their best of innovations for the immediate future.

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