Say It In Green: Mobile Phone Number Sold For $2.2m In Dubai

A UAE mobile phone number was sold for just over $2 million at an auction held in Dubai.

Bidding for the phone number 052-2222222, which was being sold by telco du at a special auction, lasted well over an hour before reaching the final sale price of $2.2 million (AED8,010,000).

The eventual buyer was revealed as Mohamed Hilal, who said he intended to use the number himself, according to a report in The National newspaper.

“Yes, I’m going to use the number, with pride,” he said.

It was not known, however, whether Mohamed Hilal is the same CEO of the Dubai-based perfumer Mohamed Hilal Group.

The $2.2m phone number was one of 70 special phone numbers being auctioned by du. Aside from the big sale, the other numbers sold for between $4,900 (AED18,000) and $190,500 (AED700,000). All phone numbers came with two-year package of thousands of free hours of calls and data.

Du’s chief commercial officer, Fahad Al Hassani, said there was a lot of demand in the UAE for the prized numbers.

“There is a lot of good numbers for cars, and good numbers for mobile phones,” he said. “We have had many situations where we can’t give people the numbers they want. We decided that the most fair way to deal with that is to offer 70 distinctive numbers and allow anyone to bid on them.”

The popularity of the event, which was held in Festival City, has led the telco to consider hosting a similar event each month.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go toward charity, with Alam wa Amal on Sharjah TV, and Emarat El Kheir on Noor Dubai Radio Channel named as the two beneficiaries.

Via: Arabian Business