These Are The Schools The Top Tech-Companies Are Recruiting From

Lets face it, there is no bullet-prof way to land the job of your dreams, not even in the tech-world, but there seems to be a strong correlation between the college you attended and actually scoring your dream job within the tech-world. And to take this a step further, Wired took it upon themselves to “analyze” a bunch of LinkedIn profiles of the¬†employees at seven different tech-companies to simply see which universities where standing out the most, the finalized product was a compiled mind-blowing chart that presented some “not so expected” results.

Now you would probably think that one or two of the IVY-leauges were on top, but you would be surprised to know that the University of Washington took the first spot. But that becomes irrelavant when you find out that every single student in the sample went on to a position for Microsoft. On second place we have Stanford who has a much more diverse distribution followed by UC Berkeley and Bangalore University who seems to have a couple of students who accepts jobs at IBM in India.

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Photo Credit: Google and Wired