How Do They Do It: The Secret Behind Apple’s Marketing Genius

Did you ever wonder why it is so easy for Apple to get us to buy anything they put on the market? I mean I’m probably not the only one who gets goosebumps whenever one of the iPhone ads starts playing, or when Tim Cook starts talking about that “One more thing…” product.

There must be a secret, a recipe, a way that explains why Apple is so convincing, so overwhelming and so sensational about its products in a way that can make us drop our jaws, put our hands in our pockets and get all the cash we have to buy that next mind blowing product.

See, the secret to all this magic is simple: being minimalist. It’s nothing much  of a new thing actually, one of the greatest innovators of all time put it so nicely we can’t help but admire his genius:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Da Vinci

And Apple seems to exemplify that quote so well. In everything it does, in everything the brand stands for, we can feel it, touch it, dream it and believe in it in a matter of seconds. Look at how they first designed the mouse, then the personal computer, then the iPod, iPhone, iPad and now the Apple Watch. There is a trend here you can’t miss: when Apple presents these products, they don’t look like electronic devices. They all have one color scheme, sleek edges, smooth surfaces. It feels like an extension of your body, a natural addition to your hand. Take PC gaming computers for example, those things look like they just got out of a Frankenstein factory.

Now some will say, well hold on, those computers look that ugly because they are packed with processing power, monster specs and 34 qualcatron electron chip that lets you play all the those high-graphic games. Well, here is your first clue: Apple produces for the majority, the normal people, the guys like me and you who want to use their devices for anything and everything. Apple innovates for people of all ages.  iDevices are intuitive and simple to use.

Simplicity. Minimalism. That’s what feels natural and flows seamlessly in our minds, understanding of how devices should be used. And within that minimalism, within that non-advertising way of promoting an elegant piece of tech-dripping genius, Apple focuses a lot on the perception of the product from a communal perspective – establishing a sense of unity with all their customers. Unlike other normal phone ads which emphasis on speed, memory and network, telling their audience that “this will change your life” from a very objective and non-emotional perspective, Apple approaches the mind by not forcing a life-changing statement on their people, but rather, smoothly and slowly implementing the share capability of a smartphone by letting the exterior speak for itself, allowing the simplest of features explode into a “must have” experience. They leave out the whole artificial feeling, allowing their product to feel so natural, so transparent, simplifying technology to something understandable yet genius.

Apple is selling a lifestyle, a way of extending your capabilities and finding synergy with electronics. Apple sells an experience, a feeling, a philosophy, not a gadget, and the companies who understand this concept will make a fortune.

Photo Credit: Tumblr.

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